[TS3] "Priscilla Bennett".

Priscilla Bennett was born to a well-off family in New York. She is a good friend of Marietta Lockhart and a supporter of the Great Cause of the American Revolutionary War. She adores her garden, loves tending to it almost as much as she loves books. She's sweet, genteel, polite, charming, and respectful. A timid and gentle soul, but when it comes to defending those she holds dear, she is ferocious, brave, and stoic.

Favorites: Classical, cobbler, the color pink
Traits: loves the outdoors, bookworm, neat, green thumb, friendly
Lifetime Wish: The Perfect Garden
Astrological sign: Cancer
Requirements: Seasons (for the outerwear). Be sure to download what's  in the credits section! Otherwise, the sim won't look as intended.

How to install

Place the .sim file into your "Saved Sims" folder located in This PC > Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3. If you do not have said folder, simply go to CAS in-game, save a random sim to the bin (click the tiny "..." button next to the sim's portrait), exit the game, look under Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3 and you should see a new folder titled "Saved Sims". There, you can cut-paste the .sim file. Done! :)


Miss Bennett is an OC (original character) from my Fictional Romance novel Memory of a Kiss that's set during the American Revolutionary War. My novel is currently a work in progress. However, you can read its prequel Peculiar Occurrences.