[TS3] "Palace of Versailles CAS + Extras Re-Categorized".

Updated: 11/21/2017
I use TS3 Store set "Palace of Versailles" religiously in my small Colonial sim world. However, some of the items are terribly categorized! And so, I took it upon myself to fix that.

Extras included: "Bardly" shirt (the most accurate representation of the Colonial frilled shirt), "Fair Maiden" dress, "The Baker's Wife" dress, "The Castle Cook", "The Dandy Lady" hat/hair, "Pirate Bandit Outfit", "Pirate Captain", "Pirate Shoes", and "The Formal Assailant".

1) I added the option "isRevealing" to the following: "I See France Bloomers" and "I See London Chemise" because during that time period, yes, the reactions of the public would have been "How scandalous!" if they saw a woman run about with only their undergarments on. ;)
2) I enabled the option "ValidForRandom" on every CAS item because NPCs should look good, too, and fit with the time period.
3) Original CAS thumbnails are included so you can choose your preference as well as get an idea of what each outfit looks like.

1) EA Games/Maxis
2) "How to Re-categorize Clothing in The Sims 3" by Simplex Sims.