[TS3] "Lieutenant Colonel Banastre Tarleton".


Born to a merchant family in Liverpool, England on August 21, 1754, Banastre Tarleton was an infamous British soldier during the American Revolutionary War. He commanded the British Legion (or "Green Dragoons", among other names). During the Southern Campaign in the Thirteen Colonies, Tarleton was oft known by his nicknames "The Butcher", "Bloody Tarleton", and "Bloody Ban", although actual accounts from people during that time who met him found him pleasant, charming, and a gentleman.

Pictured left to right: Every day/athletic/outerwear, sleepwear/swimwear, formal.

Favorites: Classical, stew, and the color green
Traits: flirty, brave, hot-headed, athletic, ambitious
Lifetime Wish: Living in the Lap of Luxury
Astrological sign: Leo
Requirements: Late Night (shoes) and Seasons (for the outerwear). Be sure to download what's  in the credits section! Otherwise, the sim won't look as intended.

How to install

Place the .sim file into your "Saved Sims" folder located in This PC > Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3. If you do not have said folder, simply go to CAS in-game, save a random sim to the bin (click the tiny "..." button next to the sim's portrait), exit the game, look under Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3 and you should see a new folder titled "Saved Sims". There, you can cut-paste the .sim file. Done! :)


  • Mr. Tarleton is a historical soldier from my Fictional Romance novel Memory of a Kiss that's set during the American Revolutionary War. My novel is currently a work in progress. However, you can read its prequel Peculiar Occurrences.
  • I wanted to use Tarleton's helmet by assas-sims-creed, but regardless how much I tinkered with the hat sliders, it would not fit with the hair I chose for Tarleton. Thus, I left out the helmet. My apologies (I was down about it too). :(
"Banastre Tarleton" by Sir Joshua Reynolds.

...Because what lady doesn't want some eye candy? ;)


"Sugar & Spice Skin Blend No.1" by Fairstead Sims.
3) "Dress for Dinner", "Riding on Horseback Pants", and "Riding Boots" is from "The Palace of Versailles" set by EA Games/Maxis (made free by Freesims-3).
4) "Bardly" is from "Faire Folk Attire" set by EA Games/Maxis (made free by Freesims-3).
5) "Male Leggings" by revolution-sims.
6) "Eyebrow Set 1" and "Eyebrow Set 2" by S-Club.
7) "amHairRyan" by anubis360.
8) "Rule Britannia V1" by Assasim's Creed Creations. (Used "19th Century Uniform" and "Sash" for every day and athletic outfits.)