How to Create Paintings for TS3.

Greetings! I never realized how easy it was to create paintings for The Sims 3 until my favorite creator (and friend) TheJim07 private messaged me how to do precisely that. Today I will share that tutorial on how to create paintings here.

Programs required:

1) TSR Workshop (free)
2) S3PE (free)
3) A photo editing program (I use Adobe Photoshop, personally, but you can use Paint or Photofiltre, both of which are free programs)


1) Run TSR Workshop and click on "Create New Project", "Object", and choose a painting to recolor. Then you can change the name, the description, and the price of the object.

2) On the Materials tab, you will have to change the "overlay" texture. Export it and modify it in the photo editing program of your choice. Don't forget that the transparency part of this texture must be transparent!!! The transparency part is usually a checkered background (at least on Adobe Photoshop).

3) Import your new overlay texture.

4) When your work is finished, click on Edit/Project contents/Export/To .package and choose a name for your new package.

How to Add Several Recolors to One Clone:


2) Click on Duplicate. This will add a new recolor to your object. You will have to import your new overlay texture but be sure to click on "no" when a window will pop and ask you if you want to replace the current texture. By clicking "no", this will create a new texture and not delete your older recolor.

3) In the Textures Tab you are able to select your different recolors by clicking on the name of the project (in the screenshot it's "paintingFishing").