[TS3] "Priscilla Bennett".

Priscilla Bennett was born to a well-off family in New York. She is a good friend of Marietta Lockhart and a supporter of the Great Cause of the American Revolutionary War. She adores her garden, loves tending to it almost as much as she loves books. She's sweet, genteel, polite, charming, and respectful. A timid and gentle soul, but when it comes to defending those she holds dear, she is ferocious, brave, and stoic.

Miss Bennett is an OC (original character) from my Fictional Romance novel Memory of a Kiss that's set during the American Revolutionary War. My novel is currently a work in progress. However, you can read its prequel Peculiar Occurrences.

[TS3] "Jeremiah Wentz".

Jeremiah Wentz, born on October 8th, 1752 to a Middle-Class family in New York. He helps run his father's carpentry shop while his mother tends to their home and his youngest brother Gideon. Jeremiah is fascinated by the art of writing and recording events as they happen. Therefore, Journalism always interested him. He loves reading, writing, and studying ancient history. It is Jeremiah's wish to become a successful Journalist for the New York Journal.

[TS3] "Brigadier-General Henry Knox".

Brigadier-General Henry Knox, born on July 25, 1750, was a Bostonian officer in the Continental Army who greatly supported the American cause of independence. He was in charge of the artillery department. Before this, he was a clerk in a Boston bookstore and eventually opened one himself. He was an avid reader, fond of history, but his main interest was artillery. In 1775, he met and became great friends with George Washington, Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Arm, a friendship that would last a lifetime. Knox would accomplish a great many things such as becoming Secretary of War for America's new government, but he would die unexpectedly on October 25, 1806, and be buried in Thomaston, M.E.

[TS3] "Lieutenant Colonel Banastre Tarleton".

Biography: Born to a merchant family in Liverpool, England on August 21, 1754, Banastre Tarleton was an infamous British soldier during the American Revolutionary War. He commanded the British Legion (or "Green Dragoons", among other names). During the Southern Campaign in the Thirteen Colonies, Tarleton was oft known by his nicknames "The Butcher", "Bloody Tarleton", and "Bloody Ban", although actual accounts from people during that time who met him found him pleasant, charming, and a gentleman.

Mr. Tarleton is a historical soldier from my Fictional Romance novel Memory of a Kiss that's set during the American Revolutionary War. My novel is currently a work in progress. However, you can read its prequel Peculiar Occurrences.

How to Create Paintings for TS3.

Greetings! I never realized how easy it was to create paintings for The Sims 3 until my favorite creator (and friend) TheJim07 private messaged me how to do precisely that. Today I will share that tutorial on how to create paintings here.