[TS3] "Eyelash Set N2" by S-Club.

These are the coolest, most realistic eyelash defaults I have ever seen for The Sims 3. Incredible! This is certainly a must-have in one's game. S-Club has done it again. :) Both of these go into the Override folder.

Download here: "Eyelash Set N2" by S-Club.
Download the fix here: "Eyelash Set N2 CASP Fix" by Buckley Sims.

[TS3] "Face Overlay" by retroxdance.

And here is an amazing face overlay that I love using in my sims game. :) It goes well with S-Club's eyelash sets, too, which I highly recommend.

Download here: "Face Overlay" by retroxdance.

[TS3] "Cute Feet for Children and Toddlers" retroxdance.

And here is another excellent discovery: the second, matching piece to Bloom's "Sexy Feet" set. But this is for children and toddlers only. Definitely a go-to creation for me. :)

Download here: "Cute Feet for Children and Toddlers" retroxdance.

[TS3] "Bloom's Sexy Feet" Found!

Somewhere within the ebb and flow of Time, Bloom's beautiful and realistic creation called "SexyFeet" was lost in The Sims 3 world. But alas, someone spectacular has found them and uploaded them! Thank you Slimpast for finding and sharing the creation on Mod the Sims!

Download here: "Sexy Feet" by Bloom.

[TS3] "Skyrim Stars" by brntwaffles.

Yet another fine discovery, that of stars imported straight from the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim! And this is a default replacement I love using. My goodness, I am utterly happy brntwaffles did this. <3

Download here: "Skyrim Stars" by brntwaffles.